Fixed Departures

Drifter films presents “the unknown”

Want to go on a Wildrift Adventure?

Escape Routes

Vaidhanik Chaitawani:

Ho sakta hai ki ye website padne ke baad aap wahaan nahi rahengey jahaan
aap abhi hain. Aapko pahadi virus bhi lagney ka darr hai.

Ye hai pahadi Wildrift ka chumbak. Chhorr na asaan nahi.

Samajh mein nahi aaya? Kya karein English mein ishq nahi hota.

Statutory Warning

It is possible that after viewing this website you may not remain where
you are presently. It is also feared that you might get the “mountain virus”.
This is the hilly Wildrift magnet. It’s not easy to let go.

Got it? No? What to do! Can’t do “ishq” in English!