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Kids Play

Wildrift Adventures: Himalayan playground since 1993 for school children.

Born to play

Play comes naturally to children. We at Wildrift have, since 1993, been the Himalayan playground for children. Our camps and routes are located amidst birds, trees, forests, glaciers, rivers and amazing local Himalayan village people.

Spirit Play

We provide explorations on kayaks in lakes and rivers, treks and mountain bike rides in far-flung valleys, sneak peeks into bird nests and wild dens, meaningful work in Himalayan villages and cool hangouts for friends.

Family Camps in Uttarakhand

Summer Camps
Soccer/ Basketball

Professional football/basketball coaching, adventure activities and village interactions. (6 days)

Geographic trek

Explorations of river systems and glaciers, wild and human habitats and different forest types. Photography and film making. (12 days)


Training in photography, guided art and drawing experiments, hikes through forests, rivers, villages, ancient temples and interesting small towns. Special interest outdoor photography. (7 days)

Action Himalaya

Mountain biking, kayaking, jungle camping, night treks, star gazing, mountain climbing, cave explorations and working in the village fields. (9 days)

School programmes
Multi-activity camps

Giving a variety of experiences to different tastes. These combine adventure, nature and village interaction. (3-5 days)


Geographical and Biological, Short treks in the Shivalliks (4 days) and Long treks in Higher Himalayas. (10 days)

SUPW camps/Art

In which kids do a service project in the village in close collaboration with the local community. (min. 4 days)


Getting into the magical natural world of animals, birds and jungles. Adventure activities. Photography. Documentation and exhibits in schools. (4 days)

Wildrift’s Outdoor Resources

Professional experience: Wildrift has been running adventure

based school programmes for more than two decades now. Our team has incredible experience in facilitating safe adventure and exploratory programmes for kids. We are all professionally trained climbers, Kayakers, wildlifers and nature guides.


Wildrift’s work is ground breaking in eco-tourism and is in synergy with the village community and nature, creating opportunities for children to have the real experience beyond just the sensory excitement of an adventure trip.


Playmates: We are a group of Himalayan people whose favourite activity is playing with children. We personally know all the people in our camp regions and all the secret places and things.


Our resources include star gazers, bird watchers, fishermen, storytellers, musicians and various others with varied interests who just like to play!

The Wildrift Playfulness

The outdoor framework is designed to facilitate varied and new experiences in different surroundings and a little bit of reflection. Our structure doesn’t have classrooms, lectures, classes and authority.


Making creative use of our sites we encourage children to go explore and to understand with a questioning mind- nature, lifestyle, the spirit of adventure and themselves.


Nobody is judged at our camps. We don’t encourage competitive behavior. Children feel free in their natural surroundings and comfortable with themselves.


Our camps and treks serve as bases for various playgrounds and are safe places for kids to experiment.

Safe Play

Safety is of primary importance to us. Our focus on the structural aspects of our programmes is designed to make sure that play in the wilderness is safe. The only rules we have are safety rules.


All our facilitators are professionally trained in their fields and also in medical assistance.

Our play partners
NCR schools / Colleges

Vasant Valley – The American Embassy School – Shriram (Moulsari & Aravali) – Step by Step – Shikshantar – Shiv Nadar – Sanskriti – The British School – Uttam School for girls – Pathways – Lycée Français International de Delhi – Salwan Public School – The Heritage School – NIFT


Rajghat Basant, Benaras – Subharati University, Meerut – Alma Mater School, Bareilly


All Saints College, Nainital – Kurmanchal Academy, Almora – Ashoka hall, Ranikhet – Mt. Sinai, Kashipur – Welhams Girls’ School, Dehradun – Garden Valley Public School, Ramnagar – Confluence World School, Rudrapur – The Aryan School, Dehradun – Raja Ram Mohan Roy Academy, Dehradun – St. Joseph’s College, Nainital


Heritage, Kolkata – DPS, Kolkata – Sarla Birla Gyan Jyoti, Guwahati


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