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Ramganga Beach camp
Life around the blue river

Set up on the riverside amidst the blue waters, shapely rocks and cool sand, the Ramganga beach camp is packed with a lot of youthful action.


Think beach. Banana trees. Jumping off the bridge. Lying around useless on warm rock watching the sparkling blue river go by. Float to the rock island in the middle. Swim in emerald green pools in deep jungles. Light a fire. Eat fish with mango pickle. Snuggle in a cozy tent to the river lullaby. Sail a kayak. Take a hike to a hidden village. Ride a bike. Catch a frog. Chew a weed. Live a life. Imagine you are back at your childhood adda.


In the pristine Ramganga river valley close to the Munsiyari region

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Possible Action
Getting There

Snapshots of the Childhood Adda

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