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Mast Pahadi

Celebrating the coolth of the mountain (high) people.

Celebrating the coolth of the mountain (high) people
“pahad mein nasha hai”.

Leave behind your normal life. Live a cool mountain life. Where every season is celebrated in local songs. Share lives of the hardy mountain people living amidst the spirits, devtas and the popular belief of ‘enjoy every momo’.

Wildridft’s Mast Pahadi runaways seek to help you experience the facets of the very different Himalayan life. Amongst them are the classic mountain professions like fruit growers, fishermen and shepherds

Here you can walk with villagers, share talks in a chai shop, sing along in the trance jhoda (circular dance), gorge on Kumaoni food, get high on cool spring water, sit on the meadows with amazing sweeping vistas, nights in deep jungles under star cluttered skies and hot tikkads from the crackling fire. Its easy to be high anywhere. Anytime. On anything.

Plum Peach Party

Living in a pohara in a peach orchard near Mukteshwar.

Picking peaches from the trees. Grading and packing the fruit. Make fresh peach jams, preserves and juices. Peach pudding. Peach halves and cream. Make peach schnapps. Peach salad with the barbeque. Savour the juiciest, fattest peaches from the famous Kumaon Fruit District. Peach juice is the favourite of the Gods that promises immortality.

P.S. A great time for other mountain fruits too- apricots, plums and kafal.


In May 3 days 2 nights



take a train to Kathgodam and cab to Mukteshwar (66 km) OR drive to Mukteshwar from Delhi (340 km).

To Catch A Phhissss

Living with the fisher men of Saat tal lakes and Ramganga river.

saat tal on the way up or down

The main guide Mr. Prakash is a veteran fisherman who is usually at the lake side, sitting on the trees over the lakes, trolling in a boat at night catching fish. Other times he is sitting by the fire treating his friends with a fresh catch. Become a companion to the mast pahadi fisherman on your exploration of the life in the Saat tal lakes.


To Saat tal from Delhi (by train or car), 2 nights at Saat tal. Drive to Ramganga Beach camp (stay 3 nights) and one night back at Saat tal. Last day back to Delhi.

Ramganga Beach Camp

Chacha & Naanu are some people who grew up with the fish in the Ramganga river. They have spent their lives casting the fixed fishing net, using the fishing rod and tackle, using the local style net with iron weights and catching fish with hands from “mungar” -fish home.

Interaction with local fishermen

Cooking the fish in different styles- grill them, bake them in banana leaves, make fish curry, pan fried fish, fish pakoras.

Type of fish :

Mahaseer, Himalayan trout or Asela, Carp or Congreat.

No of days :


Dates :

last week September

Travel :

To Saat tal from Delhi (by train or car), 2 nights at Saat tal. Drive to Ramganga Beach camp (stay 3 nights) and one night back at Saat tal. Last day back to Delhi.

Shepherd trek

The wild Himalayan hideouts Forever on the move the shepherds are up in the glacial meadows in the summer to the Bhabar plains in the winter. Living a nomadic life that is closely connected to the mountains around, the shepherds are very cool attitude people.

On an average day, you take sheep out to graze twice into the jungles or the high open meadows, fetch drinking water from a spring close by, collect firewood, look for wild plants that can be cooked, drink fresh goat milk, cook a meal, feed the dogs, take a afternoon nap, watch the sunset, roast a potato in the fire, have some local brew and fall to sleep watching the stars. Are we talking about a holiday? Well if you want to live a minimalist shepherd life you are welcome.


7 or more days in November (dates)


In the Munsiyari region

Pahad ka nasha
Enter the void

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