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Come Get Wasted.

Deep Relaxation Holidays

For those who have figured out the secret of a perfectly useless afternoon.

For the forever dreamers we provide ideal settings, food and peripheral ideas to fire their imagination. Deep relaxation on the riversides, endless stares at the eternal stillnesses of the snow covered peaks, sounds of the crackling fire, sleep under the tree in the meadow, the breeze to wake you up.

The psychedelic spectrum
Enter the void

Ho sakta hai ki ye website padne ke baad aap wahaan nahi rahengey jahaan
aap abhi hain. Aapko pahadi virus bhi lagney ka darr hai.

Ye hai pahadi Wildrift ka chumbak. Chhorr na asaan nahi.

Samajh mein nahi aaya? Kya karein English mein ishq nahi hota.
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