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Himalayan Mountain Biking

Slow motion trip/Flying

Mountain Biking Trips in India

Welcome to the Wildrift’s wandering spirited mountain bike rides in the Kumaon Himalaya.

Through villages, forests, stream swims, chai snacks breaks, always smiling co bikers, ever changing spectacles. What more can we say. Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of cycling in the mountains.

Wildrift amateur and pro bike rides are more than just the sport. Each ride is built around certain themes/moods. (You also have a ride your dream ride: just let us know what it is and we will create one)

Biking themes
Biking themes

The Ramganga river Valley basin has various side valley trips with very remote village settlements along the smaller rivers that end up in the big blue central river.

Himalaya Intense

In the Shaama Munsiyari region these rides take you to dramatic high mountain country with campouts in Villages, riversides and picturesque Himalayan forests.

Water cycle

These rides take you to various water bodies in the Corbett region –lakes, dams, streams and ponds to explore the aquatic specific animal and bird life.

Chasing the Hornbill and the Blue Magpie

Cycling rides in these birds habitat looking for them, their nests and their signs and sounds. Of course we will explore their general habitat and forest homeland and their playmates.

Wind in my hair
Enjoy the ride

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