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Individual Holidays

For the curious minds

Always seeking for the essence of things.
Thirsty for something new.

Deliberately leaving the known behind. Not afraid to experiment. Interested in life. These are recommended qualifications for entry into our workshops in the wild. Some of them are:


At the vibrant unique stone pelting festival – Bagwaal. Every year on the raksha bandhan day is the mind boggling stone pelting festival with a mela and cultural activities preceding the… opportunity for people who are into portraits, cultural, colour, rituals, celebrations and street photography. August every year. Guided reviews and technical guidance.


For the shaukeen, who wish to learn technical skills for flying solo in free abandon. These “Learning to fly” courses for the earth misfits are for 5 – 7 days – P1 and P2. (The levels subsequently could go up to P3 followed by cross country). At Ranikhet between October – June.


For those interested in exploring their potential and in gliding down rapids and white water at the Ramganga Beach Camp. From 5 – 15 days… depending on the levels you want to score.


In the jungles of Corbett periphery, Saat tal valley and Munsiyari region. How to follow a butterfly, to know if the snake is poisonous, to catch the cuckoo laying its eggs in the unsuspecting crow’s nest, to understand what is really happening inside the jungle. To ensure these stories continue… come be a part of the Sitabani Forest Club. Winter every year


The forested valleys of Kumaon around Saat-tal, Pangot, Namik and Corbett regions are some of the best birding locations in the world. Walk with expert native birders. Who is the kingfisher hunting for today, how was the crested serpent eagle cursed, why is the lapwing pretending to be injured… secret forest trails, sacred knowledge. Through the year.


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