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Camp Shaama

It takes a long ride deep into the Himalayas and a one km walk from where you leave behind your car and worldly concerns to reach Camp Shaama. Saddled on a peninsula that juts out into an ocean of mountains, the camp has three hundred and sixty degree view.


Close up views of Nanda kot, Nanda devi, the Namik Valley and the Ramganga river valley can get tiring for the eyes as you stare helplessly – from dawn to dusk, from twilight to starlight. The Gyan Dhurra village castaway from the mainland world is a pahadi island where you get to eat what is organically grown, meet the amazingly simple and content mountain people, special birds and geckos, take hikes to mountain tops and meadows, or laze around in high grass with sweet nothings to do.


At an elevation of 7500 feet at the edge of the Gyan Dhurra village. This is en route to the Namik glacier.

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