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Treks In Uttarakhand

Himalayan local style: for seekers of the oneness with the mountains.

Best Trekking Destinations & Spots in Kumaon, Uttarakhand

In Kumaon Himalayas, one of the biggest mountain ranges in the world, providing

goals for visitors amidst its dazzling selection of everchanging landscapes, climates,
cultures, birds and forests. Done in the classic spirit of the curious explorer, we facilitate an opportunity for someone to lose themselves in the life of Kumaon Himalayas and become a mountain people for sometime. Never go back the same.

Drifter Treks In Uttarakhand are in the shepherd style with a freshness of perspective that would restore infinite delicacy and intensity to the experience of the five senses. Food on the treks is locally sourced including local brews with the ever welcoming mountain people who live amidst ancient houses and cultures. Our treks are replete with rivers, remote forests and the quiet at the base of a peak on the glacial fringes.

Our Treks
10 days or more

Darma valley

Nanda Devi base camp

Ralam Pass

Brijganga Pass


Week Long treks


Balcchi Durra Pass

Namik Glacier

Corbett Trail (Champawat)

Weekend treks

Kumaon Kingdom

Hidden Lakes

Corbett on Foot

Paidal to Quedal

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