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Drifter Treks 2024

May-November 2024

Price :

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Wildrift’s annual (2024) calender for treks in the India Himalayas, is a carefully chosen one, with routes that don’t tend to be generally crowded. These are more isolated treks, mostly in the Kumaon region (that’s where we are from). We try to provide an exciting mountain wilderness experience in a rather raw form and a pahadi cultural experience in close interactions with the mountain folk.

The season for each trek has been specifically chosen to be appropriate according to the best scenery, terrain and accessibility.

The food on treks is planned for its nutritional value without much pre packed food. All meals are freshly cooked and include any fresh procurement from the enroute villages.

All treks are guided by professionally trained climbers with long experiences in the mountain adventures (especially considering we grew up here) and are all trained in medical first aid and always have fully equipped safety gear and medical kits.

Detailed Itinerary

Ralam Dhura Expedition 07-15th September
Baljuri Peak Climb 21-30th September
Brijganga Pass 09-16th October
Mountain Biking Darma 10-17th October
Baalchi Dhurra 02-07 November


All meals, snacks, tea/coffee and accommodation in safari tents/ston huts during the stay.


Travel cost.

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