We are a group of mountain cool people generally known as the pahadis.

To us life matters. We celebrate everything. Our songs grow in our fields. Everyone shakes hands with everyone in a party. We are the fabled simpletons when it comes to the rat race. We are always high on trust. We are anti-lock. Our favourite past time is lying around uselessly in the grass meadows watching the moon rise.

  • What I like most about working at Wildrift?
    Dhashu styal main high energy ke saat ghumakkar logo k saath mast hokar masti karna

    Team – Camp Purple, Mukteshwar

  • Why I joined wildrift?
    Madness had to meet madness.. couldn’t resist. To make it lighter for understanding.. wildrift is a ‘non – business’ business fueled by love, brotherhood, facing challenges heads on, constantly questioning the conventional and easy, spirited , self reliant, fun, fearless, paced like life, very Indian..

    Kapil – Wildrift’s Delhi office.

  • I like working in wildrift because there is always some new things to do and learn. I also like adventure very much.

    Sonia – Instuctor at ‘Daankudi’ Ranikhet