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    • Our mast pahadi artist revels in experimenting with coloured waters for some earth and out of this world ideas. This art can submerge you and help driftaway.
    • Straight from the orchards and jungles of Kumaon the endeavor is to preserve the natural taste of fresh fruits and flowers. No artificial additives.
    • Driftware tees are for those who like coolth, fun and the mountainous ways of life. Go out.
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    Lemon Squash


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    Lemon squash is made from the crisp Himalayan Oranger, Locally known as Lemon. High fruit content of the Fresh Forest Orange squash has essential vitamins and minerals which give a tangy flavour. A healthy cooler for thirsty times.



    Lemon, sugar, water and citric acid. 2nd class preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours.


    Weight: 650ml