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Birding in Bikelands

9 Feb - 11 Feb 2024

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In the Corbett region of Uttarakhand

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

Hornbill trail
Explore woodland birds, woodpeckers, thrushes, and barbets, including the highly endangered and charismatic Great Hornbill, with a cool breeze on a bicycle.

Chalkiya trail
Experience the synergy between forest, Himalayan village, and birdlife. Let Sunbirds, Leafbirds, and Munias guide you to the glistening Baur River. Create your water activity and lunch while hunting for wildlife presence.

Day 2

Haripura Dam
Take a ballistic morning Jeep ride to Haripura Dam to become part of the annual bird migration and understand the behavior of wetland birds, ducks, geese, and storks.
Refresh with local fish curry and rice for water adventure activities.
Night walk
Open all senses in the forest's darkness and enjoy the hooting of one of the majestic Indian owls and the red eyes of Nightjar.

Day 3

Mountain biking
Wake up with a morning bike ride to Degoan village with thrilling slopes downhill. Enjoy the flocks of Himalayan farmland birds.


All meals, snacks, tea/coffee and accommodation in machaans/safari tents/huts during the stay.


Travel cost.

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