The heritage village house was built in 1886 and for over a century, was the festive and cultural hub of the surrounding villages. Great place for big family holidays, artistic retreats and quiet for intellectual musings.


Excerpts from the journal of a German traveller staying at Daan – Kudi, Ranikhet. This is the fourth day in such a beautiful old stone house, a cube of myth, old wooden carvings and refreshed paintings inside. So much open space around! It has a courtyard, standing above all so we can see fields, forest and some of the villages. Right now I listen to the sound of the cattle, some voices of the people and so many birds! It is not paradise (it is more), it is the real life, old rural structures, that seem to have preserved until today. The locals cook for us, what seems to be pure organic fresh food from their own kitchen. We surrender! So tasty! Yesterday on our trek we ran into some sadhus, went to the temple and sang together with the priests. What an experience! On the way back it became night. You won’t believe me, we even saw the tail of a leopard vanishing into the dark!



Located at one of the highest points (4780 feet) in the valley of the sun, the house stares at the valley below with fields and village homes. 17 kms away from Ranikhet at Goluchhina.

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Possible action

Village mountain biking on dirt tracks, Village street photography, Work in a local indigenous farm, Night out jungle camping, Traditional Kumouni dinner in village home, Aerodeo temple hike, Ancient Sun temple Katarmal -on top of a hill, Day at the Kosi river, Night hikes & leopard tracking, Stunt Kites, Paper kite making and flying, Archery, Camp fire live music nights.


all year around.. ask for special festive dates.


Ancient house refurbished (with interesting old books, letters and papers).

Getting there

96 kms from Kathgodam railhead, 17 kms from Ranikhet ahead of Majkhali.

Go back in time

The colour palette of Daan – Kudi

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