Himalayan cool Summer Camps Mission 2016


  • Star gazing
  • Mountain biking
  • Soccer coaching
  • Village interactions
  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Wildlife
  • Photography
  • Campfires
  • Rafting
  • Art
  • Bird trails
  • Rock climbing
  • Waterfall
  • More

Spy tools and their purpose

  • Magnifying glass to spy on the spiders
  • Maps and compass to find the treasure in the jungle
  • Binoculars to figure out bird eating habits
  • Kayaks to cross river
  • Mountain bikes to check out remote villages
  • Telescope to find your way with stars
  • Tent to camp anywhere
  • Camera to spy on village secrets

Misson #0116

SOCCER ADVENTURE at the lakeside

(Saat tal)
  • For 9 -14 year old happy feet
    25th May, wendesday – 30th May, Monday (6 days)
  • Football coaching by professional trainers, team matches
  • Football coaching by professional trainers, team matches, Fitness training, football quizzes, making team badges , slogans, creating football anthems, team adventures in kayaking, rowing climbing, swimming and water polo. Amazing waterfall splash, treks and night camp out in the jungle.

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Mission #0216


(Ranikhet, Almora and Binsar Wildlife sanctuary)
  • For 13 - 18 year old art sleuths
    22nd May, Sunday – 28th May, Saturday (7 days)
  • Types of photography: landscapes, heritage/history, birds, Portraits, Village life, street life. Shooting time lapses.
    Art: water colours and sketching for the above subjects.
    Through the programme we will move to varied places: from the rural environs of Daankudi to old township of Almora to the wilderness of Binsar wildlife sanctuary.
    The programme will involve trekking and bird watching as well.

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Mission #0316


(Munsiyari and Kali river)
  • For 15 - 21 year old Adventure chasers
    21st May, Saturday – 29th May, Sunday (9 days)
  • Camp Ramganga base riverside camping with swims and kayaking. Moutian biking on 21 gear Firefox bikes through the high mountain road to Munsiyari and later follow the Gori ganga downstream to jauljibi.. the confluence of the Gori and Kali. From there on the rafts to the pristine grade 4 rapids of Kali River for two days. Camp near the waterfall wilderness. End trip in the quaint Pithoragarh town.

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Mission #0416


  • For 13 to 18 year old Football fanatics
    29th May, Sunday – 4th June, Saturday (7 days)
  • Football training by professional coaches, matches with Local teams, soccer exchange programme with Himalayan Football freaks. Adventures include mountain biking, river Kayaking, hikes, slithering off the bridge, swimming the Cool blue waters of the Ramganga. Camping on the Riverside.

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Mission #0516


(Darma valley)
  • For 13 to 19 year old Wandering scouts
  • 4th June, Saturday – 13th June, Monday (10 days)
  • Glaciers, morrianes, High altitude birch and fir forests, Remote villages, sheep herds, the gushing Dhauli river Valley, the Nagling Byagsi home of the angles, the milky way cloud in the night, Flowers in the meadows, the grazing Yaks, the Lammergeyer.

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