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Weekend Trek

Low altitude treks through the kumaon foothills and the lower Himalayas (shivaliks), with exciting non – conforming destinations, which take you through villages, forests, streams and sweet hill people.
In three days you can go to areas which no tourists know about and bathe in magic secret pools, fish in hidden lakes or cook your meal on a small fire near a stream. You can walk through villages and camp near ancient forgotten temples in the jungle or in a farm in the terai foothills.
Together with the bright, burning winter sun and traditional Kumaoni hospitality it makes a very warm experience. Also, as these treks are short, simple and in low altitude areas, they make good initiation into the wonderful world of trekking.

Weekend trekking options with Wildrift :

- Corbett on foot trek. (foothills)
- Hidden Lakes trek. (4,500 ft.)
- Paidal to Quedal trek (7,500 ft.)