Pack your bag for an adventure of mountain biking

Adventure of mountain biking

Let’s witness the beauty of undiscovered places in Uttrakhand.


Considering the health benefit associated with cycling, mountain biking has been turned out to be a famous recreational activity. 


Other then its health benefits biking is also a great activity to reduce stress In today’s hectic working environment, it’s challenging to relax during your work schedule, it’s been suggested to relax your minds and take a break from the daily hustle that causes stress, its prerequisite to manage work-life balance.


Cycling, however, is one of the excellent ways to curb these common stressors for all types of people.


Whether you choose to cycle to get fit, for competitive purposes, or even for social reasons, riding a bicycle regularly is an excellent way to keep your mind and body happy.

Let’s get off-road and enjoy biking, but before we start its ideal to gear up before accordingly or you would end up ruining the entire trip. I have been into trekking, camping, biking and all other adventures sport. I know every aspect of outdoor adventure this blog, I will be telling more about mountain biking. I will take you to adrenaline trip of off-road biking and help you plan your outdoor activity to quench your desire.


Importance of a Team:

Biking in the mountains alone can be very dangerous sometimes, it is highly recommended to travel in a group even if you are an experienced biker because you can’t be a jack of all trades you need support like operation handler who would monitor entire trip plan and make sure everything goes fine through the trip, A Soigneurs to take care of  feeding, clothing etc and most important of all a mechanic that will inspect the tires for proper inflation and splits or cracks in the rubber, or any other mechanical problem to ensure smooth journey.

Health: Before you plan for off-road biking ensure your fitness, It is essential that you are in good shape. Properly hydrated and have fueled your body with a healthy meal or snack. Wear protective gear like helmet, glasses and gloves. Don’t push your body too hard if you are first-timer.


In this blog, we will be discussing a couple of undiscovered yet very adventurous route.

About the route : Syat is a small Kumaon village located at the height of 2800 ft 35 km away from the Jim Corbett a perfect spot to explore a true wildlife experience.


The route from syat to Kaladungi is extremely challenging amidst by alpine mountain, lush green meadows, These Narrow trails will lead you to undiscovered villages through thick forests, will give you an insight of the local culture and their lifestyle.route is an amazing enough to pump a huge dose of adrenaline in you. 


You will get a chance to enjoy a delicious organic meal to heal you physically and mentally without affecting the environment.

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