Date: 22 – 25 Dec, 2017


Flyaway. Quietly. On a paraglider. No engines. No sound. The sky is the last place they will look for you.


The problem normally is that we don’t know how to take a flight. The assumption that you cannot fly needs to be tested. Because paragliding is as simple as learning to drive or ride a bicycle. It just needs a bit of practice and then you can pretty much be on your own in the skies.

The next thing you will worry about is safety and your own fitness. Well you needlessly worry so much. At Wildrift we lay a lot of emphasis on safe flying.

And if you can walk for a kilometer or two you fit to fly.

So don’t just sit there dreaming. Make a planned exit. Join the Wildrift paragliding course.



22 Dec (10 am onwards)
introduction session with glider/equipment tandem flying
theory class about wings, wind, etc ground handling with glider
stunt kite flying

23 Dec
practice with glider on ground
lunch at site
walk through the villages to daan kudi.
Theory class including cloud reading and weather

24 Dec
full day practice on ground or small slope lunch at site
cycling evening
theory on wind

25 Dec
test fly from short take off 4.00-drive to kgm

Cost: Rs. 21,500 (including all equipment, trainers, internal transfers, meals on full board and all lodgin and tax)