Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

Date: 19 – 28 October, 2019

About the Trek

This is a trans-Himalayan trek in the heart of Kumaon Himalayas. Nanda Devi the second highest peak in the Indian Himalayas and touted by many as one of the most beautiful peaks in the world. The trek is through the Jauhar valley, the center of ancient Indo Tibetan trade route. Once upon a time this was one of the most important commercial centres with a throbbing civilization influenced by the Tibetan culture in so many ways. At 2290 m Munsiyari is on the arterial water body of the Goriganga, which emerges from the Milam glacier system of the eastern flanks of the Nandadevi sanctuary, fed also by the Kalaband glacier and Panchchuli from the east. The Jauhar valley is on the outer rim of the Nanda Devi sanctuary. Apart from the spectacular views of the famous peaks such as the Nada Devi and Nanda Kot, the trek is along the river Gori Ganga through ancient villages and rolling grassy meadows. The Martoli village, one of the centers of the Jauher valley, represents the ruins of the history of the Indo – Tibetan trade. Once a big village, one can clearly see in the ruins stories of a mighty commercial center Martoli was long time back in the heart of Himalayas.

No. of days – 10

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: (19th October)

Munsiyari – Chillumdhar (45 min drive) – Pamdeo (7km).

Day 2: (20th October)

Pamdeo – Mainsingh top – Babaldahar – Bogudiyar (15km).

Day 3: (21st October)

Bogudyar – Rilkot (3200 m) (14 km trek)

This is truly the Trans-Himalayan region.

Day 4: (22nd October)

Reilkote – Martoli (7km) (Easy day). Explore Martoli village and Nada Devi Temple.

One gets the view of the Martoli peak soon after Rilkot and the valley really opens out into the typical trans-Himalayan terrain.

Day 5: (23rd October)

Martoli – Ghanghar (11km). The walk through meadows is very enticing to the ancient village of Ghangar. Ghangar village is also exciting in terms of the typical Jauhar houses with woodcarvings.

Day 6: (24th October)

Ghanghar – Nanda Devi Base Camp (6km). Exploration towards the Glacier, night stay at the base camp.

Day 7: (25th October)

Base Camp – Reilkote meadow.

Day 8: (26th October)

Reilkote – Bogudiyar.

Day 9: (27th October)

Bogudiyar – Pamdeo

Day 10: (28th October)

Pamdeo – Chillumdhar and transfer to Riveredge Ramganga.


Rs. 35,750/- Per Person

Transfer costs (Kathgodam to Kathgodam) – Rs. 18,000/- per jeep (shared by 5 pax)

  • Facilitation of the Trek as per itinerary.
  • All meals during trek, stay at camp and journey.
  • Porters, guides and all equipment like sleeping bags, tents etc.
  • Internal Jeep transfers during the programme.
  • Complete safety and field equipment for adventure sports
  • Adventure Instructors, wildlife experts, mountain guides and other personnel.
Dose not Includes:
  • Personal expenses.
  • Insurance of any kind.
  • Train Ticket from Delhi – Kathgodam – Delhi