Get Blown!

Corbett, Ranikhet and Mukteshwar, 19th march onwards

We, the mast pahadi Wildrift invites you to get into the feverish Holi revelry at our village. Fresh Gujiyas to gorge on, abeer and gulaal to help you forget yourself, mesmerizing music to get carried away deep into the full moon night.

The dizzying Kumaoni Holi

Drifter Treks

Himalayan Local Style!

Uttarakhand, 2016

Red Flower Forest trek, March 25 – 30
Kauri Pass, April 12 – 19
Keeda Ghaas, June 21 – 29
Balchi Dhura, Aug 13 – 19
Darma Valley, Aug 24 – Sept 03
Nandadevi base camp, Oct 07 - 17
Shepherd’s trek, Nov 06 - 19

The Red Flower Forest Trek

Namik meadows: March 25th – 30th (6 days)

Every spring the forest above the Namik village at the gail gaadi meadows is ablaze with the rhododendron tree flowers. The endless sea of red turns to pink as the trees sweep up the mountains. We camp in middle of the blooming wild jungle with birds and animals. Visit a very remote village. Trek through streams, meadows, jungles and the scent of the flowers. Sleep next to the blue river.

P.S the red rhododendron flower is very tasty to eat and amazing for your

To Catch A Phhissss

Living with the fisher men.

Saattal and Ramganga, Sept 25 - 30

Become a companion to the mast pahadi fisherman on your exploration of the life in the Saat tal lakes and the Ramganga river, to learn to catch fish and cook it in different styles, casting a fixed fishing net, using a rod and tackle, using a local style net with iron weights or catching it with hands.

Type of fish: mahaseer, himalayan trout , asela, congreat.

NOMADING on a Shepherd trek

The wild Himalayan hideouts.

Uttrarakhand, Nov 21 – 28

You can take sheep out to graze on high open meadows, fetch drinking water from a spring close by, drink fresh goat milk, cook a meal, feed the dogs, take a afternoon nap, watch the sunset, roast a potato in the fire, have some local brew and fall to sleep watching the stars.

Are we talking about a holiday?

Well if you want to live a minimalist shepherd life you are welcome.

Corbett on wheels

Mountain biking, Oct 2 – 5

Chasing the Hornbill and the Blue Magpie- Cycling rides in these birds habitat looking for them, their nests and their signs and sounds. Of course we will explore their general habitat and forest homeland and their playmates.