We are a group of mountain cool people generally known as the pahadis.

To us life matters. We celebrate everything. Our songs grow in our fields. Everyone shakes hands with everyone in a party. We are the fabled simpletons when it comes to the rat race. We are always high on trust. We are anti-lock. Our favourite past time is lying around uselessly in the grass meadows watching the moon rise.

We are a grassroots corporate that is home grown in the Himalayan soil.

We believe the kind of tourism we do is important for the mountains and its people. We are always seeking synergies for collective leadership in eco-tourism. From the mountain pride we are open to be found erring.

Mast Pahadi

We love our mountain life, our perpetually ecstatic state of mind, our Himalayan underground scene.

Van Vaas

We wish to be exiled in deep forests never having to come back.


We pride ourselves in our professionalism and doing work that is meaningful. We like challenging injustice and sellouts.


Our core being adventure, we like exploring new ideas and places and welcome constant change.

Wildrift mantra: har mein Mahadev, har high mein Mahadev
  • What I like most about working at Wildrift?
    Dhashu styal main high energy ke saat ghumakkar logo k saath mast hokar masti karna

    Team - Camp Purple, Mukteshwar
  • Why I joined wildrift?
    Madness had to meet madness.. couldn’t resist. To make it lighter for understanding.. wildrift is a ‘non – business’ business fueled by love, brotherhood, facing challenges heads on, constantly questioning the conventional and easy, spirited , self reliant, fun, fearless, paced like life, very Indian..

    Kapil – Wildrift’s Delhi office.
  • I like working in wildrift because there is always some new things to do and learn. I also like adventure very much.

    Sonia – Instuctor at ‘Daankudi’ Ranikhet